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I now partner with Exhale Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC in Acworth, GA, as a Master's Level Clinician/Supervised Graduate Student/Intern in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I provide in-person and telemental health sessions to individuals 21 years and older and couples.


Although a graduate student/intern, I have worked in the psychology/counseling/coaching field for over 20 years and bring a depth and breadth of experience not often found in students. My pursuit and application of CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy allow me to use this empirically proven technique with experience and expertise. Additionally, I work under the Feeling Good Institute in my TEAM CBT certifications, a technique created by Dr. David Burns, who is a foremost expert in helping individuals heal from anxiety, shame, depression, and more.  Dr. Burns' techniques are routinely utilized with my clients, and I pursue relevant training to ensure the best techniques are provided to clientele.


I also provide services for couples where I provide faith-based applications through SYMBIS and non-faith-based approaches through the research-driven and proven Gottman Method.

Be sure to learn more about my approach HERE.

Exhale is a beautiful practice nestled close to downtown Acworth with easy access via I-75 and a central location to Atlanta's surrounding suburbs.

If you want to begin sessions, don't hesitate to contact Charity, our office manager, at 770.892.6287 to begin your paperwork. Visit the link below for more information on the practice. 


Sessions are 45-50 minutes; the agency sets session costs at $100 per session.

Sliding scale fees are offered; please ask for more information.

Find more information at Psychology Today.


As a master's level clinician/intern, I am a member of the AACC, and I prescribed to the AACC Code of Ethics; please read more about these here.

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Supervised By Dr. Susan Belangee, LPC GA7099

There will never be enough 'thank yous' in the world to express my gratitude for what you have done for me and my family. I came to you feeling hopeless, worthless, and not sure if my life was worth living. I felt like a terrible mom, wife, and just needed someone to guide me back to life where I could feel present, worthy, and like me again. I'm so glad it took me 2 years to find you because nobody else could do what you have done for me."

Late 20's Wife & Mother
"I've never met a therapist that told me a plan. I've always just sat and talked. I really appreciate the tools that she provides and that she lets me figure things out and when I'm stuck she helps me see different perspectives."

Mid 60's Female
You really are one of the good ones. I didn't trust you at first. I didn't trust anyone. But, after all this time, I know you care about me. I know I can count on you.
I'm so thankful."

Late 20's Male
"Both of us have suffered loss of our spouses and didn't know how hard it would be to start again. I'm happy to tell you that after all your help, we are married, thank you for everything!"

Early 70's Couple
"I came to you with extreme anxiety and I was struggling to manage at home and at work. Now, I feel like with learning breathing techniques, time management, and how to reframe my thoughts, my anxiety is no where it was before and I'm better able to set goals and reach them."
Mid 30's Male
The pain has been unbearable. I needed to heal from what happened and then grieve.  This is such a hard stage in life and it just became harder. Thank you for your love and care. I'm learing, finally, at 73 years old to set boundaries, use my voice, and learn how to deal with my grief and my family. I couldn't have done this without you."
73 year old Female
"It's a safe and empathic environment. No BS conversations and I feel like I can express how I'm feeling without judgement. She pushes me in areas that I need and gives me tools to work on things after my session. The most help was learning about cognitive distortions, thought logs, and prayer."

Mid 40's Female

Exhale Counseling

3459 Acworth Due West Road
Acworth, GA 30101

Phone: 770.892.6287

Fax: 770.847.8568

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