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Specializing in Adult Mental Health Care.

Serving Cobb County, Georgia and surrounding North Metro Atlanta Areas

TEAM CBT Clinician for
Adults 21 Years & Older

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My approach guides your path to relief and newfound thinking & behaviors.

As a TEAM CBT Level 1 clinician, I can assure you of your care by utilizing evidence-based practices found in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 


Simply put, our thinking affects our feelings which create behaviors. Through the CBT approach, we seek to understand how our faulty thoughts have created painful emotions and behaviors that keep us in pain and work to reframe those for immediate change. CBT is the most effective approach for anxieties like social or generalized anxiety, fears surrounding people, places, or compulsions, and stress-related issues like trauma and grief. 

People often ask, "Who do you work with or specialize in?"

I specialize in CBT, which allows for the most incredible depth of therapeutic techniques. My study and application for CBT began in 1998. I work with individuals experiencing anxiety, fears, stress, trauma, and grief. While using CBT, individuals often receive exposure therapy for anxiety and trauma, prolonged grief therapy for loss through death and divorce, cognitive reframing, emotionally focused therapy for couples, and attachment trauma therapy for all individuals.

Additionally, I am an ACC Credentialed Life Coach, which means I have completed over 100 Hours of in-school coach training, received coach mentoring, and have completed almost 500 hours of client coaching. 


I am in the final stages of my graduate studies in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with graduation in 2023 and subsequent practice as a LAPC (Licensed Associate Professional Counselor) in Georgia. You can work with me through online and in-person sessions, which are located at my office in Acworth, Georgia.

Supervised by  Susan Belangee, PhD GA LPC7099




Although a graduate student (graduating August 2023), I have worked in psychology/counseling/coaching for over 20 years; the pandemic spurred my final pursuit of licensing and continuing my expertise in cognitive behavioral counseling.


A little about me: My 20+ years of pursuit and application of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) allow me to use this empirically proven technique with experience and expertise. Additionally, I work under the Feeling Good Institute in my TEAM CBT certifications, a method created by Dr. David Burns, a foremost expert in helping individuals heal from anxiety, shame, depression, and more. Dr. Burns' techniques are routinely utilized with my clients, and I pursue relevant training to ensure the best practices are provided to clientele.

I have the honor of working with clients that routinely recommend me and my approach to therapy, as compassionate, collaborative, direct, and having success in clients reaching their therapeutic goals.

If anxiousness, fears, trauma, or unhealthy behaviors block you from achieving contentment, fulfillment, and other goals, you will benefit from working with me.

My process is designed to help you:


We will work together to clearly identify issues and challenges, helping you to unravel what oftentimes becomes overwhelming and consuming.


With each goal, we will create smaller steps to overcome your issues and challenges without feeling overwhelmed and confused.
*Clients receive an individualed treatment plan to follow along and provide comfrot in care.


After clearly identifying your challenges we will work together to set goals for each individual challenge. Goal setting is important to keep us working together on the same path.



Find compassion & courage for yourself that leads to the achievement of current goals & future goals through the tools learned during your sessions.


Our thoughts and emotions, when overcome in negativity, influence our behaviors. Our goal is to change those for a positive and refreshed life.




You will achieve your goals, however, this is not instantaneous.

It takes dedication to find healing and utilizing tools and techniques in and out of sessions.


Services are available online and in person; online, we utilize a private, confidential, and safe platform for our sessions.

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