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Women face enormous challenges today. With unrealistic expectations placed on them through mass marketing of the "perfect woman" to the need to balance a career and home life, the thought of perfectionism, and more; it's no surprise that they often come to me who are overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, and anxious.  Women seek to find ways to take on more rather than learning how to adapt what she is already doing or releasing the things she doesn't need to manage any longer. Anxiety is routinely her enemy.

Couples face challenges as well.  Balancing professional and personal lives can oftentimes lead to a breakdown in communication. Adding children, busy schedules, and lack of intimacy, couples find themselves in a fighting cycle unable to rekindle love and embrace reconciliation.

What I know, is the women and couples I work with tend to juggle an enormous amount of tasks and to-dos, leaving themselves and their marriages to fall through the cracks, feeling surrounded by devastation.  They suffer from anxiety and hopelessness, continuous cycles of negativity and resentment, many times saying to themselves, "I'm not good enough, "I can't do this," I"m not worthy," "Or I just don't see a way around this."  


I believe that each of us has an individual purpose and is worthy of an abundant life where we love ourselves and our partners. But, too often, we get stuck feeling like we can't find it, don't have time, are selfish for wanting to pursue something...the list goes on and on. I want to change that.

I believe, the world needs people like YOU. People who learn to value themselves, seek to learn new skills, find their worth, recognize detrimental thoughts and behaviors, and find their way to growth, freedom, and fulfillment.





And, you need people like me. 


Someone who encourages you to focus compassion toward yourself, to build yourself into whom you want to be free of self-doubt, free of self-loathing, free to overcome thoughts, free to experience a self of love and compassion with motivation to move forward. Free to embrace whom you are divinely created to be. Be sure to read more about me, my philosophy, and what to expect in coaching.  

You can rebuild your ruins, and I am here to help you do so, brick by brick.

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For we are God's masterpiece [poiema].

He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.
Ephesians 2:10


Level 1 Certified TEAM-CBT Coaching 
The good news is all the issues below can be overcome through life coaching, specifically, my approach where we explore and process your unique situation and feelings and work toward coping, discovering strengths, and reaching goals.
Coaching for Issues in:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress Management
  • Low Self-Esteem/Self-Worth
  • Feeling "Stuck"
  • Couples Communication
  • Marriage Issues

Be sure to read more here about me, my philosophy, and how I approach our time together as a coach.


We always provide transparency with our fees and work with clients to find budget-friendly options. 

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I offer a complimentary consultation where you can learn more about Piper Harris Coaching and how we can partner together in your pursuit of healing and success.

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I am not the best with words and because words alone cannot express my gratitude for working with Piper, what I say here may not express the beyond lifetime value that she provided me and others I touch in my life for years to come.

As I mentioned to Piper, at first I was doubtful. Not because of Piper but because I have never really worked with a coach and didn’t know the value that could provide. I really thought I was going to get professional coaching, but Piper’s approach made me realize, to get there, I need to fix some core things...

And that is what we did. BUT, the trick is letting the coached go through the journey of discovery on their own, like a Sherpa guiding me. Just like effective parenting or effective mentorship, it is this approach that separates the leaders from managers. Leaders guide, managers dictate not allowing self-learning. And without self-learning, there is no growth towards self-sufficiency.

All this to say, who I am now and will be is a result of Piper’s coaching and her approach. Being that dependable and unbiased person we all need to succeed in life. Where success is defined by the individual (me) she is coaching, not by society.

Piper is an eloquently spoken coach who has the heart, passion, experience, and wisdom to walk and talk you through your journey. She is extremely professional yet very warm. Her insight into our conversation was eye-opening and I'm very grateful to have connected with her!

Piper is absolutely phenomenal. She is positive, upbeat, and rawly honest. She has helped me navigate through the highs and lows of my journey and aided me in developing a more well rounded and solution-oriented way of thinking. She’s pushed me to new limits and my results have reflected it. I seriously can’t thank Piper enough and without a doubt would recommend her in a heartbeat!!


Professional Affiliations:  International Coaching Federation•American Association of Christian Counselors•American Counseling Association• Licensed Professional Counseling Association of Georgia • American Mental Health Counselors Association•