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"How am I supposed to do this if no one will give me the chance?!"

This is what I said to my therapist over 15 years ago.

I was a mental health counselor turned program coordinator for non-profit and city government programs, but found myself constantly being undermined, under-appreciated, and "unacceptable" for upper management.

My passion for "people development" started at a very young age (you can read about it in chapter 9 here) but I was burned out and frustrated.  I had proven myself over and over again, asked for the promotion and consistently was told no.

Here's the kicker, all my work was praised, exclaimed as "extraordinary" with a promise of "just give it time."


Can you relate?

If we haven't met, I'm Piper Harris and 9 years ago, I broke free of the corporate world and decided to define my own poiema-success-for my life and it has given me immense joy as a CEO mom.

I am a coach, consultant, and CEO of Poiema Women's Success Coaching where I empower women into heightened leadership through mastering her perceptions, breaking free from permission seeking, and honing her leadership skills, this gives her to confidence to break out on her own or break into upper management.

Prior to Poiema Women's Success Coaching, I directed nonprofit programs surrounding women and children.  I was the founder and CEO of multiple businesses where I forged my way into leadership-including publishing multiple books, coaching hundreds of women, community mobilization, and coaching organizations in leveling up their efforts in positive growth and change.

I absolutely understand what it means to be a high achiever and the frustrations felt when you feel stuck in entry to mid-level roles.


I understand that women make sacrifices in their personal lives: health, marriage, family, & resources in hopes of reaching heightened leadership.


I did it too.

I know, with support, you can find a balance between your personal and professional life and reach your career ambitions.

My clients are women who are seeking leadership, who are action-focused, and driven to reach their defined success.  I work with women through one on one executive coaching to strengthen her leadership skills while also creating opportunities for goal meeting and breaking, in finessed navigation of achieving new roles all with strategic ease and clarity she has been longing for.

Are you ready to experience support that will give you exactly what you're looking for:  a stakeholder in your success, a confidante, and fellow deserving woman with goals and dreams?  Are you ready to lead?