I had a conversation with a friend recently. We haven’t seen each other in a very long time and then I saw your profile pop up on my social media.  Seeing her smile had me yearning to hear her laugh and have a real face to face conversation (well at least Zoom.)

So we talked.  Something stood out to me in that conversation that I've been thinking about since and it's been brought up again in other conversations since then by other women and friends in my life.

We discussed how easy it has been to waiver between: 

FAITH -----and----- FEAR

Sometimes it seems like we have such a tight grip on Faith and we can overcome anything, we have faith that we will succeed and then fear swoops in a steals it away.



Where we have found amazing moments with our families and yet we are grieving loss of our businesses and dreams and those of the women in our communities.  We are so grateful yet hurt for all the loss around us.



“I’ve got this!” to “What am I going to do?  What’s next?”

We think we have enough information to make a plan or take another step and then, the next week brings a change that leaves us back where we started with not being so sure.



Being in lockdown has shown us we don’t NEED all that we thought we did yet in some moments we find ourselves wanting more than question our sanity for wavering between the two. 

All this wavering has made us yell out for help. 

This had me thinking about what my clients come to me for.  They are crying out for help, confused on what the next steps are to take, and needing the support and accountability they just couldn’t find. 

They were in need of a friendly smile and someone to talk with, share with, and pursue with in all that they hope to find within their goals.

If you're feeling like you’re wavering in mind and action, either of those reasons are the reason I want you to listen to Crystal and her experience with Poiema. 


We can work together and you too can a firm foundation and stop the wavering.

Poiema Testimonial

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