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After I left my previous company, I needed assistance in rebranding, aligning and Just getting things moving in the right direction! After speaking with me for 5 mins she knew exactly where I was stuck and was able to coach me through it! Her skillset & experience is what sets her on top of all other coaches! She knows just the right questions to ask and gets straight to the area of opportunity!

Danielle Urtnowski | FP Human Foundations Practitioner

She {Piper} is an amazing coach and peer. Thanks to her wonderful direction, I was able to confront and tackle a project that had been stumping me for almost a year! Her positive and purposeful direction helped me take a leap of faith into my true career calling as well as get my website set up and published! I recommend her as a coach and a social media guru.

Mitch Savoie-Hill | SavHIll Consulting Group

I know the trials small business owners are faced with: frustrations with honing services/products, building a brand identity, website, marketing materials, curriculum, and more. 

I also know how daunting it is to feel stuck in a career that 
​no longer invigorates and inspires and questioning how it's possible to find something new.

Danielle, Mitch, Ashlie, and more sought out Poiema for guidance through coaching in actualizing their small business concept or transitioning into a new career by gaining accountability on focused goals and efforts which led to launching successful businesses, promotions, and an invigorated and inspired work life.

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As an advocate and ally for women harnessing their professional goals, I also volunteer my time with The MomProject and mentor women who are looking to break back into the workforce, have lost their jobs, or are looking to transition.  

Piper was an enormous help in rethinking my career path. She was strategic, dynamic, detailed, dedicated and honest. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to accelerate career growth or considering a career pivot.

Ashlie Santora | Public Health


Benefits Of Coaching:


Balanced Personal Life 


Opportunities to mentor internally


External/Internal promotions 


Enhanced Life Leadership Success refocused efforts 


Value Back Guarantee.
You will always receive value from your investment.


Work/Life Balance


Additional projects/teams/responsibilities


Enhanced EQ and strategic leadership skills

Why are you waiting?  Build your business dream, make a career change.

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