A highly skilled, compassionate, empathetic and solutions-oriented professional dedicated to providing exceptional care through coaching and effective plans for individuals.  Demonstrated track record  of success working with diverse client populations in one on one and group settings.  Effective accountability partner, motivator, communicator, and advocate with inherent ability to manage all types of personalities, diffuse stressful situations, encourage growth and resilience, proactively resolve issues, and meet and achieve challenging goals and objectives.  Innate ability to establish rapport quickly, build trust, interact with and relate to individuals on all levels.  Superior leadership skills proven in successful business development and group facilitation. Tenacious pursuit for personal and professional growth in human services fields.  Currently pursuing Masters of Clinical Mental Health Counseling with anticipated graduation 2022.



  • Behavioral Change

  • Anxiety, depression, motivation, procrastination, weight loss, career change, & more

  • The Clinical Supervision of Competency-based Trauma Mental Health: A Training Series

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Individual Coaching

  • Group Facilitation

  • Executive Coaching

  • Organizational Development Coaching

  • Small Business Coaching

  • Individual Leadership Development Coaching

  • In person/virtual coaching

  • Program Design

  • Talent Development

  • 360 Assessments and psychometric assessments

  • Performance improvement

  • Community Empowerment/Support

  • Design & Implementation of Learning & Development Programs and Training

  • Software Implementation

  • Client Relationship Management
    Data entry/administration

  • Client Assessment/Evaluation

  • Advocacy




                                                     TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES


  • Level 1 TEAM-CBT Certified Clinician, Feeling Good Institute

  • Treating Anxiety Fast certificate/Dr. David Burns (12.5 CE)

  • Overcoming Resistance in Depression Treatment certificate/Dr. David Burns (1.0. CE)

  • ICF ACC Credentialed Coach 2020

  • Certified Leadership Success Coach 2020

  • Certified Organizational Development Coach 2020

  • Certified Global Leadership 360 Assessment 2019

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer 2015

  • Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionist 2014

  • Facilitator/Speaker

  • Case management

  • Microsoft Office

  • GSuite

  • Virtual Video Platforms





Piper Harris Coaching                                                   CEO/Coach

  • Counselor in training/CBT focus

  • Coaching women through life change, anxiety, depression, career, motivation and more

  • Level 1 TEAM-CBT certified Clinician

  • ICF ACC credentialed Coach

  • Certified Leadership Success Coach

  • Certified Organizational Development Coach

  • Certified Global Leadership 360 Assessment Facilitator

  • Behavioral change for individuals surrounding life balance, anxiety, stress management, motivation, career transition, motherhood, defining life purpose, goal creation

  • Coaching through weekly one on one sessions executed in person or virtually

  • Organizational Development and Change Coaching through organizational assessment, creation of outcomes/goals with stakeholders and Org Dev teams

  • Design & implementation of learning and development coaching program individualized for goals and objectives.  Implemented virtually for learning and development in conjunction with coaching sessions

  • Design & implementation of client readiness assessment, 360 assessment using the Global Leadership Assessment as well as psychometric assessment using Clifton Strengths

  • Cohesive coaching including: 

    • Skill Gaps

    • Performance Goals

    • Success Planning

  • Implementation of 360 and psychometric assessments

  • Workshop training creation & facilitation

  • Behavioral modification, CBT, REBT, motivational interviewing, strengths-focused

  • Intensive and agile accountability and support

  • Published author, Coach Wisdom Volume II

  • Caring Through Covid resources and Learning Series

  • Advocacy for women affected by COVID in partnership with The MomProject

  • Public Speaking



LadyBoss Weight Loss                                                                                                                   May 2018-April 2019
Senior Coach & Trainer

  • Certified Sports Nutritionist

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Individual client wellness coaching and behavioral change/CBT program design for over 500 clients

  • Training of coaching staff of 15

  • Design & implementation of Standard Operating Procedures for the

  • Strategic development and planning with key stakeholders including sales growth, implementation of new processes for greater digital growth, client training, and client/customer retention.

  • Design & implementation of companywide initiatives including customer retention and professional best practices

  • Design & implementation of coach training

  • Design & implementation of weekly trainings for clients, personal clients 150. Company-wide clients excess of 500.

  • Design & implementation of monthly trainings for staff surround performance gaps including: Client de escalations, effective communication skills, leadership skills enhancement

  • Contract negotiations & agreements for personal clients as well as other coach client’s

  • Team building

  • Support all C-Suite levels

  • Design & implementation of creative coaching initiatives for client adherence

  • New hire interviews/New hire training

  • Breakthrough Southeastern television market/interviews with 5 television appearances

  • Keynote speaker/monthly & annual conference this includes 12 once monthly, 36 for weekly, and 2 conferences


Piper Harris’ Whole Health Services                                                                                                           2012-2018


  • Behavioral nutrition coaching

  • Individual and group nutrition, physical and wellness coaching

  • Design & implementation of nutritional and fitness programming in-person training, workshops and creation of online learning platform

  • Online and in- studio clientele coaching, in-studio operations 70 clients per day

  • Nutrition Coaching, working closing with clients to ensure adherence, safety, and goals met

  • Wellness Coaching Metabolic disease working closely with clients RD/MD on difficult cases

  • Certified Personal trainer National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Certified Online Trainer, Online Trainers Academy

  • Private Chef for an excess of 20 families/individuals

  • Creation of meals for clientele up too 200 servings per week

  • Nutritional breakdown for clientele excess of 200 clients

  • Certified Nutritionist, Precision Nutrition
    Certified Personal/Private Chef, United States Personal Chef Association

  • Design & implementation of county-wide gym network selling prepared meals to 4 gyms and feeding over 200 individuals

  • Training/teaching of local high school students quarterly on health/wellness

  • Training/teaching private chef events, 2 years

  • Strategic partnerships: Mara Davis/Tastemade/local news

  • Published Author: The 4AM Chef, Wholly Holy Health, Trainer & Chef

  • Contracts & agreements negotiated 300+





  • Youth Empowerment Project Director City of Spokane WA                                                             2003-2005
    Development & implementation of countywide youth program focused on community mobilization
    Management/facilitation of 700K grant
    Grant writer
    Management and training of AmeriCorps volunteers
    Training for countywide partners through Colin & Alma Powell’s Americas Promise (flagship city)
    Mobilization of youth program through Spokane County

  • Washington Drug Free Youth Director-GSSAC                                                                                           2002-2003
    Development & implementation for statewide program for drug-free youth, focused in schools
    Recruitment of community partners
    Training and workshops

Growth from 3 school districts to 24 statewide

Grant management


  • Mental Health Counselor/Staff-Sacred Heart Medical Center
    Pediatric & Adolescent Psychiatric Unit                                                                                          2001-2002
    Intern & full time
    Crisis& trauma intervention
    Oversight of clients
    Group therapy sessions
    Home visits
    Intake assessments
    Certified Nursing Assistant


  • Mental Health Counselor-Springtide Services                                                                                 1999-2002

Oversight of clients
           Individual and group therapy/CBT model
           Intake assessments


*Gap in professional history due to cross-country relocations and children



  • Walden University, MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling                                                       Anticipated 2022

  • American Counseling Association, Member                                                                                            2020

  • American Mental Health Counselor Association, Member                                                                        2020

  • Licensed Professional Counselors Association, Member                                                                          2020

  • Eastern Washington University, Cheney WA                                                                                           2003
    Bachelor of Science/Applied Developmental Psychology/Communications

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Credential International Coaching Federation                                         2020

  • National Society of Leadership, Certification                                                                                           2020

  • Certificate, SCC Global Leadership 360 Assessor                                                                                   2019

  • Certificate, Leadership Success Coach, Certified Coaches Alliance                                                          2020

  • Certificate, Organizational Development Coaching, Symbiosis                                                                 2020

  • Member, American Counseling Association                                                                                            2020

  • Member, International Coaching Federation                                                                                            2019

  • Member, National Association of Female Executive                                                                                 2019

  • Member, Georgia Chapter International Coaching Federation                                                                  2019

  • Certificate, Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine                                                         2015

  • Certificate, Fitness Nutritionist, Precision Nutrition                                                                                   2014





  • Minors in Prevention/mentor, Spokane WA                                                                                        2003-2005   

  • Women’s Ministry/small group, Frisco TX                                                                                                2006-2009

  • One Need, Community Support                                                                                                        2012-2012

  • Sequoyah High School/guest on health, Canton, GA                                                                              2012-2014

  • Wholly Holy Health ProBono Wellness Canton GA                                                                              2015-2016

  • Women’s Ministry, Oak Leaf Church, Canton GA                                                                                2016-206

  • Be Rich volunteer, Woodstock City Church, Woodstock GA                                                                     2017-2017

  • ICF Georgia, Board of Directors, Atlanta GA                                                                                      2019-2020

  • Caring Through Covid, Canton GA                                                                                                    Current

  • The MomProject, Mentor Rally & Unity Programs Nationwide                                                              Current     

  • Poiema Women’s Success Coaching, ProBono Coaching                                                                   Current

  • Walden University School of Counseling, Student Advisory Council                                                     Current



*References available upon request