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Piper Harris

Personal Profile


A highly skilled, compassionate, empathetic credentialed ACC life and organizational development coach and professional counselor in training, dedicated to providing exceptional care through online life coaching and supervised clinical mental health counseling and effective treatment plans for individuals and couples.  Demonstrated track record of success working with diverse client populations in one-on-one and group settings.  Effective accountability partner, motivator, communicator, and advocate with an inherent ability to manage all personalities, diffuse stressful situations, encourage growth and resilience, proactively resolve issues, and meet and achieve challenging goals and objectives.  Innate ability to establish rapport quickly, build trust, and interact with and relate to individuals on all levels.  Superior leadership skills are proven in successful business development and group facilitation. The tenacious pursuit for personal and professional growth in human services fields. 

Diverse application of third-wave cognitive behavioral techniques to encourage growth and success in all clients.

Currently pursuing Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling CACREP program with graduation in 2023 and subsequent work as a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor in Georgia state.  Currently, a level 1 TEAM CBT clinician under the guidance of Dr. David Burns and the Feel Good Institute with continued skills development and growth in levels of certification.

Professional Skills

  • MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling through CACREP accredited university/4.0 / Liberty University

  • Level 1 TEAM-CBT certified clinician

  • Treating Anxiety Fast certificate/Dr. David Burns

  • Overcoming Resistance in Depression Treatment certificate/Dr. David Burns

  • SYMBIS-certified marriage counseling facilitator

  • The Clinical Supervision of Competency-based Trauma Mental Health: A Training Series/Dr. Lucinda Paige

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Anxiety, depression, motivation, procrastination, weight loss, career change, & more

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Group counseling/coaching

  • Case management

  • ICF ACC Credentialed Coach 2020

  • Certified Leadership Success Coach 2020

  • Certified Organizational Development Coach 2020

  • Certified Global Leadership 360 Assessment 2019

  • Precision Nutrition Certified Behavioral Nutritionist 2014

  • Facilitator/Speaker

  • Individual Coaching

  • Organizational Development Coaching

  • Small Business Coaching

  • Individual Leadership Development Coaching

  • Program Design

  • 360 Assessments

  • Performance improvement

  • Community Empowerment/Support

  • Design & Implementation of Learning & Development Programs and Training

  • Client Relationship Management
    Data entry/administration

  • Client Assessment/Evaluation

  • Advocacy

  • Case management

  • Microsoft Office

  • GSuite

  • Software Implementation: Virtual Video Platforms/Valant/Medical Check-In/Vonage

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