What's the Story?!

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

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Everyone has a story.

Let the journey begin....

I began my life with screams and wails like many babies coming into the world however, my most vivid memories didn't truly begin until about grade school. Grade school was a strange time for me.

It was the 80's.

Big hair, neon colors, and a love affair for KNOTB began. I was also a total nerd. Glasses. Headgear. Homemade clothes. And the name Piper to boot. I swear my mom designed my childhood to either completely break me or give me super human strength after such ridicule.

I had a best friend . Her name was Ari. We spent all the time in the world we could. I will never forget the day we went for a bike ride. We peddled in and out of the alleyway, dodging garbage cans, barking dogs, and razzing our brothers to "KEEP UP!" I loved how the air felt on my skin, blowing through my hair, I felt invincible.

And I had my best friend right alongside me.

I relished that feeling.

I breathed the air in deeply and just at that moment where peddling can stop and you simply coast at full speed-I let go of the handlebars. TOTAL FREEDOM.

It felt so good. I wasn't the nerd Piper. I was strong. I was amazing. I was fast!

Then BAM!!!

I skidded through gravel and rammed head first into a garage door.

I flipped over those handle bars and the feeling of being invincible was instantaneously gone.

Blood poured out of my knees, gravel was embedded in the palms of my hands.

My body hurt but, my heart hurt more. I felt pain and humiliation.

Ari ran to my side, she gave me a hug and said;

"Did you see that, you were flying?!"

That is the day I recognized I could focus solely on my pain or I could CHOOSE to see I was flying.

At an early age I learned to surround myself with people who would lift me up. I learned that pain builds character. I learned pain leads to growth. I learned pain many times shows me where I felt invincibility.

Did I hold onto those things throughout the years? You'll have to keep reading to find out.

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