What Has you Awake At Night?

5 Steps To Create Your Vision For 2020

Many of us are contemplating the new year, a new decade, and in the midst of this contemplation, we may feel anxiousness and dread.

For some, the fear of your workplace, skills, and job security are at the forefront of your mind. However, you can stay ahead of your dread, increase your employability, harness your anxiety, and use it to propel you forward in 2020.

Here are 5 steps you can take now to adapt, advance, and upskill yourself.

 1. Amp Up Your Soft Skills

Many organizations are recognizing the need for employees and midlevel leaders to harness and utilize soft skills. Identify your greatest soft skills and find opportunities to grow and develop these.

2. Identify How Your Job Will Change

In the past decade jobs have change due to technology, what will be changing in the coming year?  Identifying those changes that will require new skills, make these a priority for 2020.

3. Consider How You Can Apply Your Strengths

Think outside of your current role.  It may be difficult to see how your specific skills and expertise can be applied to different roles, however, by identifying your strengths within your role and how they can be applied more broadly will help you navigate a career change, position change, or even manage tough a tough workplace and customers.

4. Be Comfortable In Discomfort

People talk about the glass ceiling.  CEOs say they’re eliminating it. Women say they can’t break through it.  Regardless of the ceiling or proverbial wall you may be up against, you must step into discomfort and seek roles outside of your comfort zone, seek opportunities to lead others who are senior to you, fight against perfectionism and the Imposter, and learn from those around you.

5. Think & Do Strategically

Women are faced with numerous hurdles in their careers and must constantly reassess and restrategize.  Seek professional coaching. This allows ambitious women to map out a strategic vision for success while increasing psychological and social awareness and understanding, defeating limiting beliefs, and strengthening leadership skills.

As 2020 approaches, excitement and apprehension are simultaneously jockeying for your attention. For those ready to embrace the change and challenges ahead of them, these 5 steps will allow you to develop a plan forward and lessen your insomniac nights.  

Have fears of how you will succeed in 2020? The longer you question your abilities the more costly to your vision and goals.  Book a complimentary coaching session and embrace your next decade.

original publish date December 29, 2019

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