Ugly Is As Ugly Does

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

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Ugly. What a word, right? We can drum up all kinds of images to this word but reading or saying it out loud is just gross.

I heard a story the other day.

Woman dates man for 5 months. Woman believes man loves her. Man takes woman on romantic vacation out of the country. Woman believes a proposal is coming. Woman loves man. Man breaks up with woman after vacation, over text saying: "You're too overweight for me to be sexually attracted to you, you just don't look like you're original picture."


Is the woman ugly?


Is the man ugly for stringing her along only to end it in a painful and humiliating way?

100% yes.

Ugly is as ugly does.

Why do women do this?

Why do they ignore the signs in a relationship and continue being hurt?

Why do women have such self loathing and THIS is what they are left with?

I don't know all the answers.

What I do know is throughout my own life and walking arm in arm with hundreds of clients, our self loathing comes from a place of feeling lack of love, lack of acceptance, lack of self worth. Where it truly originates is unique to each woman and her story. We believe that IF ONLY I do this.... I will have worth.

Your worth is not found in that relationship. Your worth is not found in the numbers on the scale. Your worth is not found in your career. Your worth is not found in the clothes you wear, the money you have, the body you are in.

YOUR worth is an inside job. Your worth is something that needs to be tended to hours on end, just like an infant.

Loved, held, fed, cleaned, taught, and raised to feel confidence to not only take steps on wobbly legs but for running the races of life.

Embrace your beauty, outside and in. Embrace your unique talents and gifts.

Embrace your quirks and personality.

Embrace your position in life. Embrace learning. Embrace LOVE.


Ugliness is the thing that we allow to seep into our lives and kill off all the worth we deserve.

Ugliness is allowing others to speak defeat and pain into our lives. Ugliness are those terrible things we whisper to our hearts.

Ugliness surrounds us. It does not have to overtake us.


You are not ugly.

You are bold.

You are strong.

You are creative.

You are intelligent.

You are witty.

You are caring.

You are... BEAUTIFUL and worthy. *to the woman whom is the reason for my writing...I hope you hear me. You are beautiful and worthy of more.

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