Rethink Stress

Rethink Stress 😬😣🤔

As a coach, I see my clients struggle with the stressors of their lives. As a human, I struggle with the same things. Most times I can rethink my stress and work with my clients to realize the same for themselves. Here are some quick tips to help your rethink and reframe your stress. 1. Recognize Don’t make your stress greater than it is, but do recognize the pain you’re feeling within it. Also, be sure to recognize other’s stress may not be the same as yours. Don’t downplay or up play your own. Stress comparison will only create more stress.

2. Find the Good

Use the stress to connect with your values, dreams, and goals. You more than likely are feeling stress because it is directly related to your fear and anxiety surrounding the things you most care about. Find the good behind the stress. Focus there.

3. Harness

Channel your stress toward tasks. Marshall Goldsmith always says “Change can’t happen in the comfort zone and comfort won’t be found in the change zone.” Harness the stress and move into the change zone.

4. Mindset

Try enhancing your stress mindset by asking yourself:

-How can you adapt my negative/stressed mindset toward a more useful one? -What changes can I make to enhance a growing mindset: box breathing, focusing on the good found etc?

-What kind of opportunities and insights can I gain from this?

Finally, don't stress about your stress. That's a sure way to keep you stuck in a habit loop with little to no opportunity for you to learn, grow, and overcome. Adopt these quick tips and minimize your stress as best as possible and use what you do have to move forward in your goals and dreams. #poiemawomenscoaching #lifeleadership #stress #leadership #smallbizcoach #executivecoach #lifecoach #ICW2020

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