Purposeful Purpose

It’s International Coaching Week!

This is a celebration where coaches worldwide celebrate YOU, our beloved clients as well as US-individuals who strive to bring you accountability, focus, goals, and, dreams.

In celebration, I will be sharing some useful and applicable steps to apply to your personal and professional life.

Today… How to build emotional resilience.

1. Start Your Day Right!

Routine, routine, routine. That is the name of the game. You may be a fly by the seat of your pants person, however routine can give you the freedom you need to focus on your day’s tasks as well as give you the opportunity to create and


2. Capture It!

We are all faced with a lot right now (that’s an understatement) and many times our thoughts can take over, having us focus on the past or anxiously anticipate the future. Capture your thoughts and focus on the moment. Many times, I coach my clients to create a mantra and add a physical movement to break the thought pattern.

*For me I say to myself, “Take every thought captive” and I get up and MOVE-I walk the stairs or the yard.

3. One Million and One What Ifs

What Ifs are the killers of dreams and motivation. Years ago my beloved therapist said to me, “You’ll never guess the correct what-if scenario, so why waste the time? Control now.” Sage advice, wouldn’t you say? Focus on what you can control now.

4. Rollercoaster

Emotions can run on high and end up with words you wish you could take back or reactions you wish you could erase. Rein in your emotions by noticing and naming. Notice what you’re feeling, name the emotion, recognize the situation. Breathe. Just those few steps will give you a bit more control of the rollercoaster you may be on.

5. Purposeful Purpose

Define your purposeful purpose. What’s your meaning, meaning..what are you here for? What do you want to bring to the world whether that’s personally or professionally? Use this to motive and inspire you when your resources are running low. Crafting your purposeful purpose gives you well….purpose.

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