Peace In Safety

Today was a time of reflection and enlightenment. Have you had one of “those” days?

For me, I turned to my morning ritual of coffee and prayer then continued on the task of finding answers. I scoured my podcasts, read articles, and watched YouTube.

Why was I ravenously ingesting all things personal development?

Well, at times, life sends you mixed messages, hurtful “A-Has”, and much more.

I have found that these practices have offered me answers or at least steps to continue on and not necessarily through a singular theme but, a theme I can piece together and weave, thread by thread, a tapestry where I can see the pattern, which gives me a hope to continue on.

In today’s quest, I heard about the safety found within organizations built by leaders from Simon Sinek. He spoke of the dangers we all face in our world and within those dangers, a circle exists of safety.

Then I tuned into Preston Pugmire’s podcast and heard about a woman named Andi who overcame her negativity and scarcity mindset by recognizing that although she was hearing “Do your personal development!” She didn’t understand the “right” application.

Finally, I entered into my workday with a client, we are diving into good vs bad. What we label good vs bad and why. Are these labels morally bound? Are these labels lawfully bound? Or are they indelibly linked to how we process and see our world, whether that is based on how we have been raised or have adopted as adults?

These thoughts began to coalesce in my mind.  

As humans, we are leading, regardless of our station in life. We are all under the microscope of those around us. We want to project safety and confidence. We also wrestle with thoughts and feelings of KNOWING we want to change, to grow, to be “more” but, also grapple with the fear we will never make it. We all have values and beliefs that form our path and how we approach situations, thought patterns, and behaviors.

So, what is the common thread?

I believe, the need for peace found in safety.

Before helicopter moms came to be with gadgets and tethers to keep her kids close, CCTV on every corner and store angling to find danger, we found our peace together in safety.  

Think back to our ancestors. Each individual was not the same. Each approached finding safety differently, however, it all came together to afford peace. These people traveled in tribes searching for food and shelter, baring fists against predators, but also there were others who counseled through death, grief, and longing.  

Consider this, when you are faced with a tragedy, a problem, or simply a frustrating day, how do you grapple with it?

Do you think about what you’re seeing, feeling, and how you’re processing it? Do you venture to a quiet corner and allow your feelings to wash over you?  Do you analyze the facts and how they work with or against one another? Do you stand up, move about, sweat, stomp your feet, tap your hands to expel the energy physically?

This morning, as I measured where my thoughts were moving from my deeply held values to beliefs, I allowed tears to open me up to a long hard run on the treadmill which allowed me to analyze what was taking place. No thought to what I was doing was good or bad. No thought to “how will I?” simply a peace found in the safety of my process.

What if?

What if you allowed yourself to cycle through these units, in your own way? What if rather than questioning “Why can’t I?” you could venture into each area to come to a realization? What if our leaders enabled those under them to find safety and peace, through a coaching process without labeling efforts as good or bad? What if peace bred of safety found within ourselves and organizations was simply the ability to practice and cycle through units in our own prescribed way?

What is your cycle, your process? Have you found one that although may not provide exact answers, does give you peace? Much like our ancient man, they slept peacefully at night knowing each unit was in play. How can you practice this and find your own peace?

Just a thought from a beleaguered human striving for safety and ultimately finding peace.


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