Updated: Jul 13, 2019

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Everyone told me, just wait till you hit 40, your "warranty" wears out. Awesome. Thanks for the great advice.

Then it happened, and it started at 39.

Grey hair taking over like noxious weeds.

Dark circles rivaling only Uncle Fester. And what the hell happened to my eyebrows??

I swear they sat north by about an inch.

I see more and more changes every day but I refuse to go down without a fight. I'm going kicking and screaming!

Daily exercise, hydration, nutrition, and sleep are definitely my first level weapons but, you also need a little sumptin-sumptin to keep things going. I've been using Rodan + Fields for about 6 months and I'm never going back to Ivory soap and cheap grocery store lotion. I'm heading off wrinkles, dark circles, and that not so elastic skin without going under the needle or the knife. So....


It's not so bad.

Older-wiser. Hair dye and eye cream.

I'm feeling pretty good.

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