I Swore I Would Never Do This Again!

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

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I can't believe I'm sitting here doing this. I told myself I never would again, I mean EVER.

Yet, here I am back at it. I've fought it for too long, I've been worn down and realize now I need to change my ways.


Oh....hey. Did you think I was talking about a midlife crisis, my turning 40 and feel every creak and seeing every white hair??! No way, I'm talking about blogging!

I guess I should back up... Hey! I'm Piper and welcome to my SECOND blog...but there is a story behind that.

As you can see from this site (you did at least look through it, right?) I am in the midst of living my passion; health and wellness for women. I haven't always been like this though. Most of my life I spent obese. Teased in school. Ridiculed by coworkers. Hurt by family. Eventually, I was tired of living that life and after 30 years, I fought my way to a loss of over 75 lbs and have kept it off. This was a huge change and during that time I went through some major self discovery. I had gone to college to become a psychologist. After marriage and babies, I was ready to do something, but what? COOK! Yes, the previously obese girl went right back to where she got in trouble.

I used the techniques I had learned to create health and spread the love to clients as a private chef. I LOVED this time in my life. I LOVE food. I LOVE feeding people food.

So, why not write a cookbook AND write a blog, right? Hence...second attempt at blog writing. Honestly, I wonder if it's a lost medium? We run around with slammed schedules, who has time to read a blog? Seriously, though...why am I doing this again?! HA! I will end by saying this. If by just one sentence. One mention. One comment. One story. One vulnerable moment. One recipe. One workout. One's all worth it if I can bring YOU just a little something different into your life. So, there you have it. Am I professional blogger? NOPE. Do I really want to write? NOPE. Do I have crazy passion for all things in transforming hearts, minds, and bodies? HELL YES I DO! ~P

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