Head In The Clouds

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

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"Piper, stop day dreaming, get going!" "Piper, what in the world are you thinking about?" "Piper, you're just so weird." "Piper, that's never going to happen." "Piper, why would you do that?"

The past few weeks have been difficult, you see I'm a dreamer. Always have been. I've had a quirky personality since the moment I was born. Always a big voice.

Always grand gestures. Always wanting to be seen in a room.

Over the years, people whispered into my heart, "You're just too much."

I dimmed my light to uplift others.

In the past few weeks, I've been faced with this again. Do I dim myself to make other people brighter? Maybe it's turning 40. Maybe it's simply I just don't care. Regardless, I have determined not to quiet my dreams, my voice, or my purpose any longer. What I do know? God created me with this quirky personality, this big voice, these grand gestures, and the desire to be seen in a room and with that.... Help Others

I will never forget the day. I've shared this story before. One day in 4th grade on the playground at Shiloh Hills Elementary, I was swinging away. No cares in the world at the moment. My classmates had chosen not to pick on me for my name, my glasses, or my chunky frame. I swung back and forth loving the blue skies and the air blowing through my hair and kissing my skin. Then, I saw her. Sitting by herself, crying. To be honest, I remember hesitating. I didn't REALLY want to talk to her. I knew how she felt and I just wanted to relish my time without something taking away from it. But that voice. You know the one? The one that keeps nipping at you in the back of your mind, telling you "GO."

I listened and hopped off the swing. I introduced myself to this crying little girl and asked her..."What's wrong?" My world changed that very moment. She told me the atrocities that were happening in her life, in her home, where she should be safe. My heart broke. Why was I so worried about these bullies, why was I being so selfish not wanting to speak to her...she NEEDED me.

That was the day God TOLD me, "This is the path I have for you. You are to help. You are to see people's pain. You are called to do this very thing with your quirky personality, big voice, grand gestures, and all I have created you to be."

I've walked this path now for so many years, not always listening to my call. Never perfectly. Some major detours, unbelief, self centeredness, agony and more. I've questioned those dreams.

I've listened too closely to the voice,

"You have your head in the clouds." BUT...I heard the call again just a few weeks ago. "GO." No more dimming myself. I will pursue these dreams. I will take courage in my Calling. I will push out those voices. I will let my head float in those clouds and.... DREAM.

What is your dream? Does it make you feel silly to think of? Does it scare you? Do you have opposition? Do you think, "I just can't."?

Then, my friend THAT is YOUR dream. You must pursue it. You must heed that call. Is your head in the clouds?

What's YOUR dream? Let's dream together.

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