Grateful Adaptability

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

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I heard the scream first, then the pounding feet, the light flipped on and I knew night was over.

Moms know this. Kids that walk, talk, and are vivid dreamers many times have nights like this where they tear out of their bed and inevitably we need to walk them back to their rooms, tuck them in, promise the dream wasn't real, and wait for the soft snores to begin. For me, this means I'm wide awake. Once I'm bounced out of bed like a 4 alarm fire bell is sounded, it's time to start my day.

3:30 AM is early, but rather than begrudge my sleeping walking child, I decided to go with the flow. I adapted to the change. See on Sunday's I take the time to plan out my week, I schedule my everything...prayer time, reading time, chasing my dreams time, workouts, work, meetings, sports, appointments. You name it, it's on my calendar. I dove in this past week with new schedules and a fire lit beneath me.

An earlier wake up, more done in a day then I could imagine-I couldn't wait!


I think so many times we are thrown curve balls and rather than adapt we throw our hands in the air and say;

"I will just have to start this next week!" "There goes my whole schedule!" "Why did I even try?" I hear this a lot as a coach. I have had to capture these thoughts for myself as well. Overtime however, I learned to create an arsenal of habits to pull from when life throws you things you don't anticipate. The greatest habit, gratefulness.

So, this morning, I got up and was gifted with 3 hours to pray, read, and study. Even though in that time I should have gotten in prayer, reading, studying, and running. The running had to go because I knew I needed to feed my heart and mind. Then, I thought "Ok, I will run after dropping the youngest off at school and still have time to come home and write."

I hopped on the treadmill ready to kill the run and the side stitches were immediate, no amount of heavy metal blaring in my ears would propel me forward on that treadmill...this probably had something to do with the pot of coffee I drank this morning. I chanted over and over, "Adapt, adapt, adapt." Next, I cleaned the kitchen and made my smoothie, grateful I had a clean kitchen a yummy breakfast ready to drink down.

I have the rest of my day scheduled but it appears "Murphy" may be following behind and that's OK. Adapt, adapt, adapt. To have success in all you do, you need consistent habits, lots of them! You also need to learn how to flex and flow, to adapt, and most importantly, keep gratitude in focus in order to achieve success. What is your goal today? Slay it with determination. What is your goal for this week? Work toward it with anticipation. What is your goal for the month? Adapt and have gratitude for the experience. What is your dream? Flex and flow gratefully. You'll get there, just stay the course. ~P PS.

Not sure how to create these habits? Start with just one. START your day, not with the kids bouncing you out of bed or after hitting snooze 3 times. START your day 45 minutes earlier. In the quiet, read, set your intentions, journal what you are grateful for. Give it 30 days.

You will find by simply creating this ONE habit other pain points in your life will fall away.

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