Get Over Your Damn Self!

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

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It's ridiculous.

In a fraction of a moment I can go from feeling on top of the world-strong beautiful and then I see it... Cellulite craters the size only found on the moon. Rolls hang over my weight belt. And holy S**t is that back fat?!

Today, was a heavy strength day, and I freaking killed it. I failed at a new PR but I didn't care. I was rocking out to music and hitting lifts with power. It felt so good! So I recorded video and took pics to share. It just felt so good. I WANTED to share. Then I saw it, then I didn't share the video. Let's not pretend there aren't people out there who won't simply unfollow me because I have cellulite on my ass.

Let's not pretend that people aren't out there that will snicker at my images.

People are cruel.

Let's STOP pretending they matter.

So this blog is more for me than you. Maybe you'll pull something from it. But, this is a message to myself...

Get the hell over yourself!

You work hard. You sweat. You push. You conquer. You've overcome. Perfection is found in imperfections. Those dimples are clear as day but guess what, it's a strong butt. Those rolls are there because well, they just are! And back fat, well guess what that back is the strongest it's ever been in 40 years.

GET OVER YOUR DAMN SELF. Post the freaking picture. Post the video. Be proud to be you. Be proud of where you're at and where you are headed.

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