Erroneous Ego

“Am I too far gone?”

That’s exactly what was going through my head as I walked down to my gym to get back to it. See, I’ve  taken 6 weeks off. Something I haven’t done in about 3 years.

Unfortunately, life threw me some curve balls in my personal and professional lives and my daily ritual fell to the wayside and my body and mind showed the neglect. 

I missed the sweat.

I missed the decompression.

I missed blasting my music.

I missed the way I could disconnect and allow my subconscious to manage my list for the day.

Looking at the programming I heard my ego scream;

“Load the bar!”

However, the less boisterous voice kept saying;

“You’re too far gone, you shouldn’t try.”

I was in a tug of war. 

You’ve seen the old cartoons where the Angel and Devil battle it out on Bugs Bunny’s shoulder? They would hash out how, what, where, and when Bugs would or wouldn’t wreak havoc on Elmer Fudd.

For me, the problem lies in the fact that both voices were creating a chaotic filled mental space and I needed to harness it quickly before I said “to hell with it” and gave up.

That’s what I call the Erroneous Ego.

It’s quick to weave bits of self-doubt and historical events together on the edges of our subconsciousness and then, breathe life into erroneous beliefs filling our consciousness, active life. This tests our true sense of worth and can thwart our plans and progress.

It’s no different than what many entrepreneurs face daily.

Yesterday, I read a great post by Brent.

I met Brent years ago via social media. I was a struggling private chef and cookbook author. He was a struggling entrepreneur with a drive to bring wellness to those around him. We connected on similar ground. He had a great spice blend, I had a customer base who would love it.

Over the years, I have watched Brent on social networks create businesses. It has been amazing to be a spectator in his adventures. He has a knack for networking and he always seems to land on his feet.

Yesterday’s post was regarding his newest venture and his business partner talked about how they have successfully created 27 businesses between them.


Regardless of the outcome, whether the business remains today or not, his partner expressed their grit and perseverance in actualizing their dreams. They could have given up but, rather they saw those 27 other business ventures as simply a stepping stone to move them to where they are today.

As I read this post, that Ego of mine whispered again, “You’re too far gone to keep this thing going.”

So I stopped and asked;

How many business ventures have I had?  Counting my hairbrained ideas, around 11.

How many years did I fight and claw into my new found health?  Around 13.

Do I view these solely as failures? No.

Am I too far gone? No.

It was time to break free from my Erroneous Ego. 

Would you like to know what happened back in my gym?

I walked down those stairs and went LIGHT, humiliatingly light. I knew however, over years of experience, failures, and successes, I could use light weight and if I gave my muscles time under tension, a slower pace, I would build my muscle back.

I blasted my music.

I let my subconscious do its thing.

I felt my body work and tense and my heart and mind ease.

I recognized I had a choice. 

I could choose to succumb to the banter between my selves:  “Go Hard!” and “You’re too far gone!” or remember my experiences and successes.

I created a new plan, at a slower pace, one that would garner growth.

What about you?

Is it time to hush your Erroneous Ego?

Flesh out what it’s saying. 

Compare those whispers to evidence.

What can you discover from failures and successes?

Do you need to change up your pace, create a new plan?

Who can you learn from?

What can you do to move forward?

We will ALL fight this war, which ego will win out:

Self-doubt or Self-belief?

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