Create Success

#ICW2020 is in full swing.

You need a plan. 🗓🧿️☑️

1. Define it. What do you really want?

Define this to the finest detail. How will you feel when you reach it? What will you do if you don’t reach it right away? Who do you need to support you? Why is this so important to you?

2. What Do You Value?

Connect with your core values. How are you using your core values daily? How can you use them for a greater purpose? If your core values aren’t being expressed, how can you change this? What is your values statement?

3. Action You need a plan for success.

What is your plan? How will you maintain consistency in reaching your plan? Take action consistently.

4. See It

Visualize every step of your plan, process, and values working together. Visualize the positive and the obstacles you may be faced with you. How will you celebrate and pivot in those times?

5. Allies & Intercession

Everyone needs an ally, a team, a cheerleader as well as a belief in something greater than you. Ask for the support, ask for intercession in your reaching your goals successfully.

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