Choosing to Learn, Learning to Choose

What is your vision?| Can you see it? Do you remember it?

Have you ever put together a vision board whether on a poster board, Pinterest, or some other artistic measure?  You go all in, only to forget what it was you were all in on?

I’ve tried this type of goal setting inevitably, I forget where it is on Pinterest or I shove my poster board in the back corners of my closet.

The problem is, I wasn’t making the best choice in preparing for my goals.   I wasn’t learning along the way. In the book, Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning they say,

“What is essential is to interrupt the process of forgetting.”

As we move into the final quarter of 2019, I was reflecting on the processes I chose to achieve my goals.  Some of these processes I wasn’t fully behind, more “doing what I should do” to move toward my goals rather than what works best for me.  I was forgetting my vision and haphazardly making choices to reach them.

Andy Stanley says, “Vision gives significance to otherwise meaningless details of our lives.  Too many times the routines of life begin to feel like shoveling dirt. But take those routines, those mundane responsibilities, and view them through a lens of vision and everything looks different.”

Developing your vision is key, not just for your career life but for your personal, financial, and spiritual life.

When you fine-tune your vision you’re deliberately choosing a path for yourself.  You are working on your roadmap. When you nurture your vision it's indispensable, but you must LEARN to choose this, and CHOOSE to learn along the way.

How do you get there?

Well, science says a successful way of learning or creating our passion into a tangible path is in part through purposeful reflection.  Digging into your feedback.  

Ask yourself:

What is the BIGGEST goal I want to reach? Why? What sets me on fire, makes me excited? How can I get there? What will stand in my way? How will I feel when I reach it? How will I react when I hit snags along the way?

Break it down. Dig into what you’re discovering.  REFLECT and learn from your reactions, patterns, and new discoveries.

Building your vision requires choosing to learn and in that learning, it will allow us to choose the best path forward.


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