Boogie Man, Lochness, Big Foot, Tooth Fairy

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

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Leaping onto my bed , it's dark surely something is lurking underneath, long, cold, boney fingers would wrap themselves around my ankles before I could squeeze my eyes closed.

Floating in the middle of the lake with a big inner tube, you know, the old tires that would get so hot in the sun they'd burn your legs and leave a rash on your skin? Floating and imagining a monster from the depths stealing me away to a watery grave with no one to hear my screams. Big Foot. Harry wasn't sitting with me at the campfire. I hear the rustling outside the tent. My only protection is the sheer fabric, otherwise I will be torn limb for limb.

We tell ourselves lots of stories, don't we? We create scenarios that are so dire, so dark, and so debilitating we wrestle them alone in the dark. Adults tell themselves stories as well. We fall prey to those we were told or the others we conjured up.

"You're worthless" "I will never make it" "Everyone hates me" "Things will never change" "Your life is meaningless"

I'm reminded when I'm faced with those dark stories, they are created and written which means, I have the power to write a new story of redemption, fierceness, and strength.

Which stories are you telling yourself?

As Brene Brown says, we must come to terms with the stories we are telling ourselves in order to truly overcome them. This isn't a fun process, no one likes to stare these in the face and accept we have created myths that have followed us or allowed someone else's words to carve out our path. Those stories do not have control. We TRULY are in control however, we must harness our belief in worth and spin tales of the beauty of what is to come.

Flying with a wand, a beautiful smile and depositing money underneath my pillow. She flits from child to child, what an adventure? I love the the Tooth Fairy. She is pure light and joy and wants to give me a small taste just for losing my tooth. That is a story of light.

Why did we also choose to believe in her? We do choose the stories we allow to play out in our lives. Darkness and death? Light and adventure? It's truly up to you.

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