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Life Leadership Course

Are you searching for a life coaching course that will set you on the path to success?

Do you want to find your life's purpose, poiema?

Do you wonder why you can't seem to stick to goals?


Do you question what to do in moving forward in your dreams?

Life Leadership Success (Verb)
\ ˈlīf  \ ˈlē-dər-ˌship \  sək-ˈses


the pursuit of goals and passions, to go steadily in steps, one foot in front of the other.

The power to persist. The possession of control to act and produce an effect to

lead and to guide or direct toward a course or result.


 Piper has been extremely supportive of me on my journey and is the cheerleader that I never knew I needed!! She has helped me to believe in myself and to focus on the gains I have made no matter how small or big. She is great at putting things into perspective and helping me get out of my own way. She is an amazing fountain of knowledge and her own journey is an inspiration.

Amanda Prough | Readiness Initiative Manager

As I stepped in this new role as "MOM," I was really struggling on finding a balance for myself, my new beautiful baby, my husband as well as work.  She really did assist/advise/coach me through these transitions in life and how to be the best version of myself for all of the hats I was wearing. Partnering with her helped me find balance, regain some passion that was lost and move me in a professional manner to obtain new opportunities within my organization at work.

Carrie Lord | HR Recruitment Leader

What This Course Includes:

-7-course Video Modules

--Beautiful downloadable PDF Life Leadership Prescriptive Worksheets

--Self pace study 

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