Finding Ruth:

A Short Story in Searching for Poiema

My Story

Over years and years of my own personal development, while also honing my skills as a coach, I have come to realize each and every woman has her Poiema, her personal purpose.


Poiema is something deep within you, your story, which has been uniquely designed for you and is ready to harness in leading a successful life.  This can be difficult to discover.


Like myself, we all need help in discovering just what our poiema is.

Another Story

This short story started off truly as a healing process.


Recognizing parts of me in each character. Pieces which held me back from discovering my power found within my uniquely given masterpiece and how I need to leave them behind and find my Ruth.


I'm hopeful in sharing, you will see some similarities in yourself and recognize what you need to break free from and embrace to live your most powerful and poiema-filled life. |  (770) 317-1126  |

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