Current Coaching Fees

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At Piper Harris Coaching, I strive for transparency in pricing. I also strive to formulate the best outcomes for you during our time together. If you have visited previously, you may have seen multiple options for session packages.  This has however changed. Research shows that there is significant positive change found for an individual with mild to moderate distress in 12 sessions. Additionally, those with more frequent or deepened distress may require an additional 8 sessions (Anderson & Lambert, 2001).


Below you will find our current coaching fees.  Coaching prices are subject to change at any time without notification.

If you have any questions, please send us a message or schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

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12 Pack Individual

12, 60-minute individual coaching sessions to be used

within  14 weeks

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14 Pack Individual


14, 60-minute coaching sessions to be used 

within 16 weeks

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20 Pack Individual

20, 60-minute Individual coaching sessions to be used

within 6 months

Marriage Coaching is for individuals seeking to find healing, better communication, and relational skills.

12 Pack Couples 

18, 60-minute couples coaching sessions to be used

within 14 weeks.

Living Room

Other coaching fees are dependent on the needs of the client (s).

Please ask for specific fee information.

Piper Harris is a credential and certified life coach. Piper Harris is not a licensed mental health professional.  Piper Harris does not diagnose nor treat mental illness.  As a client, you understand Piper Harris is not a replacement for a mental health professional and services.