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ACC Credentialed, Certified Leadership Success & Organizational Development Coaching

 Piper has been extremely supportive of me on my journey and is the cheerleader that I never knew I needed!! She has helped me to believe in myself and to focus on the gains I have made no matter how small or big. She is great at putting things into perspective and helping me get out of my own way. She is an amazing fountain of knowledge and her own journey is an inspiration.

Amanda Prough | Readiness Initiative Manager

As I stepped in this new role as "MOM," I was really struggling on finding a balance for myself, my new beautiful baby, my husband as well as work.  She really did assist/advise/coach me through these transitions in life and how to be the best version of myself for all of the hats I was wearing. Partnering with her helped me find balance, regain some passion that was lost and move me in a professional manner to obtain new opportunities within my organization at work.

Carrie Lord | HR Recruitment Leader

Finding support, gaining perspective, focus and growth.

Does this sound like something you have been searching for?


Life Leadership Success (Verb)
\ ˈlīf  \ ˈlē-dər-ˌship \  sək-ˈses

1  a  :the pursuit of goals and passions
         specifically: to go steadily in steps, one foot in front of the other


    b  :the power to persist
         specifically: possession of control to act and produce an effect

c  :lead (and)

         specifically:  to guide or direct toward a course or result


Women like Amanda and Carrie, joined Poiema Women's Success Coaching to find their personal life leadership success.  Struggling to find a balance between their personal and professional life, they had lost focus on goals and passions and didn't know how to reach them. 


Life Leadership Success is for women who recognize they must pursue their personal best to harness leadership in their lives. Professional women who outside of performance enhancement on the job, yearn for personal development which gives the passion to persist in all areas of life.

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Personalized, One on One Coaching for Executive Women

ACC Credentialed, Certified Leadership Success & Organizational Development Coaching


I found Piper at just the right time in my career and after speaking to her for the first time I knew she would take me to a new level personally and professionally. She is skilled and talented and asks the questions that make you do the work and you realize the value in yourself. Piper gave me tools that I can carry with me as I work on climbing the corporate ladder. She is not afraid to disagree and ask the tough questions that force you to grow.


She follows up every session with work that you put in and report back. It’s through these assignments that you practice the skills she has given you that week.


Not only is she incredibly humble and kind but she approaches your challenges in a way that empowers you. I found myself taking notes throughout the week on topics I wanted to tackle with her in our next session. I also used strategies we discussed in action at work each week.


I can’t recommend her enough and the investment in you and your career will pay off ten fold. Piper is an amazing human and wonderful as a mentor and leader!!

Alicia Riley | Senior Key Account Executive

Does this sound like you?

Struggling to climb the corporate ladder, feeling as if you are missing key leadership skills and in need of an ally who challenges you to be your very best?

If so, you're not alone.


Alicia sought out executive coaching because she realized her professional development needs were not being met and she desired a leadership role where succession, innovation, and creativity were celebrated.

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Personalized, One on One Coaching for Small Business Development

ACC Credentialed, Certified Leadership Success & Organizational Development Coaching


After I left my previous company, I needed assistance in rebranding, aligning and Just getting things moving in the right direction! After speaking with me for 5 mins she knew exactly where I was stuck and was able to coach me through it! Her skillset & experience is what sets her on top of all other coaches! She knows just the right questions to ask and gets straight to the area of opportunity!

Danielle Urtnowski | FP Human Foundations Practitioner

She {Piper} is an amazing coach and peer. Thanks to her wonderful direction, I was able to confront and tackle a project that had been stumping me for almost a year! Her positive and purposeful direction helped me take a leap of faith into my true career calling as well as get my website set up and published! I recommend her as a coach and a social media guru.

Mitch Savoie-Hill | SavHIll Consulting Group

I know the trials small business owners are faced with: frustrations with honing your services/products, building a brand identity, website, marketing materials, curriculum and more.

Danielle and Mitch both sought out Poiema for guidance through coaching in actualizing their small business concept, gaining accountability on focused goals and efforts, while also launching successfully.

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Coaching Success...

What would confidence feel like in your Life Leadership Success as a woman seeking:

-Personalized Individual Development

-Personalized Executive Professional Growth

-Personalized Small Business Strategies

How would it feel to have accountability and expertise in reaching heightened leadership?

Let's work together with many programs including:

  • 14 week of Intensive Foundation program 

  • Monthly membership coaching

  • Personalized website & buildout

  • Website communication

  • Poiema Women's Leadership Success Curriculum

  • Global Leadership Assessment /Clifton Strengths Assessment

  • Personal development plan

  • Weekly focus action items

  • Weekly leadership development Prescriptives

  • Individualized goals & focused coaching

  • Text communication

  • Office hours


Benefits Of Coaching:


Balanced Personal Life 


Opportunities to mentor internally


External/Internal promotions 


Enhanced Life Leadership Success refocused efforts 


Value Back Guarantee.
You will always receive value from your investment.


Work/Life Balance


Additional projects/teams/responsibilities


Enhanced EQ and strategic leadership skills

Why are you waiting?  It's time to lead your life successfully.


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