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Success Coaching 

Empowering Women Into Heightened Leadership

Personalized, one on one executive coaching for women determined to break out on their own

or break into leadership.
Certified ICF Leadership Success & Organizational Development Coaching

I will coach you in defining your poiema-success masterpiece and you will learn to overcome perceptions and permission seeking while honing your leadership greatness &  embracing your ambitions.

I found Piper at just the right time in my career and after speaking to her for the first time I knew she would take me to a new level personally and professionally. She is skilled and talented and asks the questions that make you do the work and you realize the value in yourself. Piper gave me tools that I can carry with me as I work on climbing the corporate ladder. She is not afraid to disagree and ask the tough questions that force you to grow.


She follows up every session with work that you put in and report back. It’s through these assignments that you practice the skills she has given you that week.


Not only is she incredibly humble and kind but she approaches your challenges in a way that empowers you. I found myself taking notes throughout the week on topics I wanted to tackle with her in our next session. I also used strategies we discussed in action at work each week.


I can’t recommend her enough and the investment in you and your career will pay off ten fold. Piper is an amazing human and wonderful as a mentor and leader!!

Alicia Riley | Senior Key Account Executive



Does this sound like you?

Struggling to climb the corporate ladder, feeling as if you are missing key leadership skills and in need of an ally who challenges you to be your very best?

If so, you're not alone. 

Poiema Women's Success Coaching is bred of almost 20 years working with women who are seeking to define what their personal and professional success looks like and are searching to passionately pursue it, whether it be in professional development, personal growth, career advancement, and building a small business. Poiema Coaching recognizes the disparity in the first level and midlevel women in management and works to upskill and deeply develop confidence and leadership in forwarding action of bridging that gap. Poiema also works with current executive and C-Suite leaders giving leaders the opportunity to fine-tune leadership and soft skills while also invigorating their organizations and teams.

As your certified coach, I guide you in a uniquely crafted coaching process. Coaching is focused on you, the client.  It's my job to coach you into insight and growth. This is found through conversations between you and me utilizing the Global Leadership assessment, one on one coaching conversations and more (see below for inclusions)

Reserve your 1-hour complimentary session to learn more.

After I left my previous company, I needed assistance in rebranding, aligning and Just getting things moving in the right direction! After speaking with me for 5 mins she knew exactly where I was stuck and was able to coach me through it! Her skillset & experience is what sets her on top of all other coaches! She knows just the right questions to ask and gets straight to the area of opportunity!
Danielle Urtnowski | FP Human Foundations Practitioner

Coaching Success...

How would it feel if you felt confident in your leadership abilities, had the courage to break out on your own or break into heightened leadership?

How would it feel if you exuded confidence in navigating workplace cultures?

How would it feel to have someone as a sounding board, allowing a new perspective to heighten your leadership?
How would it feel to find a balance between your personal and professional life?

You can have this and lead, navigate, and excel at heightened leadership.

Let's work together beginning with my 6-month program, starting with my foundational 14-week intensive program

What's Included:

  • 14 weeks of Intensive accountability

  • 14 Weekly, 60 Minute Video Coaching Sessions

  • 12 Remaining weeks with accountability & support with bi-monthly sessions (6)

  • 20 total sessions

  • Personalized website & buildout

  • Unlimited website communication

  • Poiema Women's Leadership Success Curriculum

  • Global Leadership Assessment & 15 Core Competencies Development

  • Personal development plan

  • Weekly focus action items

  • Weekly leadership development Prescriptives

  • Individualized goals & focused coaching

  • Text communication

  • Once weekly office hours


Have more questions?
Read about our mission, vision, and values

As I stepped in this new role as "MOM," I was really struggling on finding a balance for myself, my new beautiful baby, my husband as well as work.  She really did assist/advise/coach me through these transitions in life and how to be the best version of myself for all of the hats I was wearing. Partnering with her helped me find balance, regain some passion that was lost and move me in a professional manner to obtain new opportunities within my organization at work.


If anyone is looking for a coach that can really help you find your way, I would HIGHLY recommend Piper Harris.

Carrie Lord| HR Healtchcare Recruitment Leader

Benefits My Coaching Clients Have Received:


Internal Promotions


Opportunities to mentor internally


External promotions with generous relo packages


Enhanced executive leadership with refocused efforts through external sounding board


Value Back Guarantee.
You will always receive value from your investment.


Work/Life Balance


Additional projects/teams/responsibilities


Enhanced EQ and strategic leadership skills

Are You Ready To Experience Heightened Leadership?

I recognize "coach" can simply be placed on any LinkedIn profile or website. 


In an effort to provide trust and assurance of my service, I am in the process of receiving my ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential from the International Coaching Federation as a certified Leadership Success and Organizational Development Coach, this is an assurance through the ICF of my ethical standards and coaching excellence.


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