"How am I supposed to grow if I'm not getting the support I need?"

This is what I said to my therapist over 20 years ago, struggling to find personal and professional success.

I was a mental health counselor turned program coordinator for non-profit and city government programs and was finding myself unsuccessful in climbing the corporate ladder. while also struggling to find confidence in myself. 


There were no options available to learn how to develop my leadership skills nor leaders who wished to guide me in my need for personal and executive growth.

My passion for "people development" started at a very young age (you can read about it in chapter 9 here In Coach Wisdom-a best seller!


If we haven't met, I'm Piper Harris and 9 years ago, I broke free of the corporate world and decided to define my own poiema-success-for my life and it has given me immense joy as a CEO mom.​


I am an ICF ACC credentialed & certified life/leadership/organizational coach, consultant, and CEO of Poiema Women's Success Coaching where I empower women and organizations into heightened leadership.  Women will harness her Life Leadership Success, learn to master her perceptions, break free from permission seeking, and hone the leadership skills that give her the confidence in herself, break into business, soar into upper management, or thrive as an executive leader.

Prior to Poiema Women's Success Coaching, I was a mental health counselor, directed nonprofit programs surrounding women and children, developed organizational change programs, trained coaches of major organizations, as well as thrived as a small business owner where I forged my way into leadership-including businesses providing services/products, published multiple books, mass marketing of my work, mobilization of communities from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast in Atlanta, and empowered organizations in leveling up their efforts in positive growth and change.

I absolutely understand what it means to be a high achiever and the frustrations felt when you feel stuck and in need of tools, development, and encouragement.


I also understand that women make sacrifices in their personal lives: health, marriage, family, & resources in hopes of reaching heightened leadership.

I know, with support, you can find a balance between your personal and professional life.

My clients are women who are seeking personal development, executive professional growth, and women developing/breaking into small business.


 I work with women through one on one coaching to strengthen her life leadership skills while also creating opportunities for goal meeting and breaking, in finessed navigation of achieving new roles all with strategic ease and clarity she has been longing for.

Are you ready to experience support that will give you exactly what you're looking for: 

A stakeholder in your success

 a confidante

& an expert in leadership success?

Let's begin!



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