It's exciting to think that my journey into my personal poiema has come together and continues to do so in my pursuit of credentialing, to stand above the rest and, prove not only my professional standards but my commitment to grow and learning to give YOU the very best!

I received this pin in celebration of my ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation (read more HERE about this process).  But...I didn't want to stop there and have been pursuing my PCC.  

During this time of seeking greater professional accountability and achievement, I have been blessed to coach many women from career transitions, to overcoming feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, to jumping all into their small business of their dreams, and volunteering to coach women through the amazing MomProject!


Hours and hours of amazing breakthroughs with courageous women and what's shocking to me?  I have coached over 350 hours since I began additional schooling (to my education as a mental health counselor) just a short 9 months ago!

With 350 hours completed my PCC is within my sight with just 150 hours of coaching hours to remain from my credential and I'd love for you to help me get there!

In celebration, I am offering a 10 pack of 30-minute coaching sessions for not $300 per session, not $150 per session, but $100 per session!

This is definitely something to celebrate!  

I recognize your investment in yourself and reaching your goals and I also know I cannot reach my PCC credential without you and this is how I can empower your journey and reach a goal for myself.

Below are two options.  One option is to pay the entire fee for all 10 sessions, the other is in installments, half to start, and the remaining half at the 5-week point.  

All sessions must be used within 12 weeks of the purchase date.

If you have any additional questions please let me know and we can chat.

Thank you for your support and I hope to be coaching with you soon!

10 Pack 

-10, 30-minute video or phone sessions
-Personalized Trello website, buildout & maintenance
-Unlimited website communication
-Weekly focus action items

-Written post-session feedback

-Poiema Women's Success Coaching Curriculum

**Sessions to be used within 12 weeks from purchase date** |  (770) 317-1126  |

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